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Centrimex News
October 2014

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CEO of Centrimex



Large-scale military manoeuvres are often the prerogative of a show of force intended to impress one’s opponent. In the natural environment, many animal species use them to seduce a partner or mark their territory.
So what should we think when the agitation is focused on sea freight? What should we make of the excessive gigantism in which our shipping lines are engaged and what should we understand of the once unlikely P3 draft partnership agreement that has now become 2M and O3 ? In the race towards the biggest container ships, the biggest terminals and alliances between giants, will the freight forwarder be the real winner of these industrial and commercial manoeuvres ?


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FIREX and Centrimex, a logical long-term partnership

Testimonial Firex

FIREX specializes in exporting hardware and building equipment to a large number of Central and West African countries. Based in the Paris region, FIREX has chosen Centrimex to coordinate its Import and Export logistics flows.

Mrs. Lina NACHARD runs FIREX with panache but remains modest about the brilliant rise of this small company that has made its place in its market as a result of its quality and reactivity.

Lina NACHARD justifies the choice of this long-term partnership with Centrimex :

« Centrimex is a very reliable logistics and transport partner and meets an overall need for us. With its sites in Le Havre and Rouen, we have a high-quality, secure Import and Customs service. But above all, Centrimex' capacity and logistics know-how in Rouen forms the core of our distribution system towards Africa. We benefit from the company’s storage and order-picking capacity combined with regular, reliable grouping for our key destinations in West Africa. Centrimex' personalized grouping services mean that we can work with our clients on a just-in-time basis and offer them a very good transit time. »

FIREX and Centrimex, a logical long-term partnership

Philippe DEHAYS is the Regional Director of the Centrimex agencies in Rouen and Le Havre. He confirms that Centrimex’ broad range of services is perfectly adapted to an international trading company like FIREX :

« Our flexibility and reactivity, combined with real know-how in the field of personalized grouping and an expertise in Asia and Africa, are undeniable advantages for FIREX.
Our sense of service and the fact that we share essential values mean that we can then forge lasting relations with Mrs. NACHARD’s employees, who include some real professionals with whom we’re delighted to work.

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The Union Customs Code

Regulation no. 952/2013 of 9 October 2013 fixes the provisions of the Union Customs Code (UCC). The new text came into force on 30 October 2013 and will come into full application in all member states by 1st June 2016 at the latest.

The Union Customs Code

The 1992 Community Customs Code – the reference text for customs regulations in Europe for over twenty years, despite an unsuccessful attempt to modernize it in 2008 – will therefore be abolished on 1st June 2016.

Of the many new provisions in the UCC, the major focus is on operators who hold an AEO certificate in the European Union, which is now essential in order to run a customs clearance activity under reasonable conditions.

Centrimex has held the AEO Full certificate for all its activities in France since June 2012. The full benefit of an AEO certificate for an exporter or importer, particularly within the framework of mutual recognition agreements between countries or groups of countries can be seen when every link in the international logistics chain is a holder of an AEO or equivalent certificate.

Certifications Centrimex
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White paper on air freight security

White paper on air freight security

Since the attacks on 11 September 2001, air freight has been particularly exposed to security risks linked to international terrorism. Air freight security is a key component, based on the reliability of everyone involved in the export process.

With the aim of offering an overview of the security measures in place in the international air freight logistics chain, Centrimex’ air freight experts have decided to give their clients and more generally the logistics community the benefit of some of their security know-how and experience.

This white paper takes a look at the current regulations and the various air freight security diplomas, with a review of the Authorized Agent, Known Loader, Account Consignor, ACC3 and Authorized Economic Operator statuses. It also presents the different goods security procedures : visual checks, X-rays, dog-handling units and decompression chamber.

Centrimex has Authorized Agent status for its two airport agencies at Roissy CDG and Vitrolles MRS. Centrimex also has an AEO certificate.

The Centrimex experts who wrote the white book emphasize the importance of air freight in the international logistics chain: : « Centrimex air transport combines speed and reliability, it guarantees a rapid transit time and is also the safest form of transport in the world. »

Download white paper   WHITE PAPER CENTRIMEX

White paper on air freight security.

Download White Paper
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Centrimex News

Centrimex expands its sales activities

Centrimex expands its sales activities

To support the company’s constant and ambitious development, Philippe Haddad has decided to reinforce Centrimex' sales organization and activities.

Eric LIAUTARD joined the company’s sales department a year ago to contribute his sales management and organization know-how acquired over many years’ experience in shipping, most recently with CMA-CGM. He says :

« I’m delighted to have returned to my first love at Centrimex, where I began my career, and I’m amazed at how the company has grown. To accompany the Centrimex strategy, we introduced an ambitious sales action plan in 2014, divided up into individual targets aimed at providing our clientele in Europe, Africa and China with improved services. A major client satisfaction survey is currently in progress to measure the effectiveness of the new organization. We’ll shortly be giving a full and open report on the survey. »

Centrimex enlarges its storage area in Rouen
The Rouen warehouse

Centrimex enlarges its storage area in Rouen

Centrimex has been established in the Rouen Seine Valley Logistics zone since 2007. This international distribution hub covers over 200 hectares and is close to the Grand Couronne container and goods terminal.

Centrimex is to increase its storage area to give itself extra means. The Rouen warehouse will soon be able to offer 7 000 M2 of storage space for goods, compared to 5 000 M2 previously.

Centrimex reinforces its presence in the Republic of Congo Centrimex takes part in 5 days of logistics in Normandy

Centrimex reinforces its presence in the Republic of Congo

Having set up a subsidiary, Colimex, in Pointe-Noire in 2012, Centrimex is opening a sales agency in Brazzaville in response to the economic boom in the Congo.

Colimex agency, represented by :

Maud Njemane BOZZI
Commercial Officer
Bureau de liaison de Brazzaville
Tél. +(242) 06 822 53 22
Mail : m.njemane@centrimex.com

Centrimex takes part in 5 days of logistics in Normandy

The aim of the event, organized by LSN (Logistique Seine-Normandie) is to promote the Haute-Normandie logistics sector, which is recognized as being an outstanding sector in the region, and to develop a real “logistics culture” in the region and the Seine Axis. Centrimex has chosen to take part in this 2nd 5 days of logistics event to promote the « Rouen Seine Valley Logistics » circuit which offers an opportunity to learn more about this large international maritime distribution hub served by the Grand Couronne port terminal, which can accommodate ships with a capacity of 2 500 containers.

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Centrimex, working with the associations

In accordance with its ethical commitment, Centrimex and its employees have continued to work steadfastly alongside a number of associations :

Graines de Joie

Graines de Joie

« Charly scores a goal against hunger » : with Charles Kaboré and other partner, Centrimex has had the pleasure of contributing to this annual charity operation aimed at buying food for primary and secondary school pupils in Burkina. At the closing ceremony for the 2013-2014 school year, Graines de Joie also handed out prizes to the best pupils from the du Guigmtenga primary school and the Lycée Rabbi to encourage them and their teachers in their work.

Ocean Rowers Association

Ocean Rowers Association

Rames Guyane 2014 is a solo transatlantic rowing race between Senegal and Guyana, with no stopovers and no assistance. The skippers and their boats were on show in Le Havre from 2 to 7 September. The start of the 4th Rames Guyane is planned for 18 October 2014 in Dakar, and the boats are expected to arrive in Cayenne, 4 700 kilometres away, 40 to 60 days later. Centrimex is providing logistical support and its transport organization know-how for this great human adventure.

Association Cielo


C.I.E.L.O has finalized its project for 3 games libraries in Colombia with the support of Centrimex. « Villa Yolima », « Suenos » and « Arco Iris » have been opened in the poorer districts of 2 Colombian cities, Monteria and Riohacha. The 3 games libraries provide accommodation for a large number of families displaced by the violence of armed conflict and provide a little day-to-day pleasure for several thousand Colombians, mainly children.

You’ll find all the humanitarian projects supported by Centrimex on website :

The ethical commitment of Centrimex

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