Stuffing consolidation containers

Our stuffing operations aim to optimize space according to the characteristics of your products, loading priorities, indications and each type of packaging:
Loading in pallets, half-bulk / half-pallets but also in all bulk (costed services on request). We can also carry out your order preparations, sorting by cardboard, palletizing…

Centrimex loads all types of packages: long packages, heavy packages, vehicles, etc. and we carry out ourselves wedging, lashing, mezzanine etc. ! The loading is optimized and your goods protected thanks to suitable stuffing.

Stuffing steps

A réception des instructions de chargement, le manifeste et la préparation sont envoyés à l’entrepôt avec des commentaires en cas de spécificités, souhaits de votre part.

Specific controls of
dangerous products

Stuffing optimization

Protection of your goods,
thermo shield packaging,
wedging cushions..

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