Your goods arrive in safe hands

Centrimex offers logistics and bonded warehousing services in its warehouses. Short-term storage for consolidation or grouping, long-term secure storage, bonded warehouse or delayed differentiation workshop, there is always a CENTRIMEX network warehouse on the route of your goods.

Receipt, collection and loading of goods are processed via scanners and are easily tracked with a powerful warehouse management system. Each of the Centrimex warehouses is designed with racks and a storage system adapted to all your types of goods (hazardous, alcohol, etc.) , while respecting the compatibilities of the different materials.

Upon receipt of your goods

▸ Issue of an entry voucher via our computer operating system

▸ Quantity, quality and documentation control

▸ Labeling of packages, traceability in our computerized stock (support number, rack number)

▸ Storage (in book or under customs control) in our secure warehouses, according to their characteristics