Centrimex’s network allows you a worldwide coverage.

Thanks to our 22 offices and branches located around the world, and to our solid network of partners and agents such as the CGLI, Lognet (WCA), Tandem networks or CLC Projects Group (inclunding Cross Ocean and CLC Projects) , you benefit from expert support wherever you are !

Centrimex has the privilege of being able to count on a very dense network of partners all over the world…

We are affiliated with four networks: CGLI, Tandem, WCA-Lognet and CLC Projects Group. The first two are reactive and proactive networks, allowing us to quickly offer you solutions from and to the whole world. They allow us to know very quickly the political, economic and health situation of each exporting / importing country as well as its specificities (documentaries, customs, etc.).

The third WCA Lognet network is the largest network of freight forwarders in the world, with more than 7,376 member offices in 190 countries around the world, providing solutions in all countries of the globe. The fourth composed of Cross Ocean and CLC Projects is mainly dedicated to oversized projects.

Centrimex is proud to belong to these networks recognized for their values ​​and reliability. They are an undeniable support to offer you the best solutions.

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