Leather goods, cosmetics, perfumes, etc. Our expert and dedicated team in this sector can advise and support you in your search for suppliers accordind to your import / export flows.

Because your requirements are also ours, we garantee a strict and personalized follow-up of your shipments.

Adapted services

  • A complete service with after-sales follow-up
  • A team of experienced professionals at your service
  • Personalized monitoring of your shipment
  • Quality review at departure and arrival
  • Appropriate handling, wedging and lashing ( wedging cushions, plywood inserts)
  • Securing goods throughout the supply chain
  • Quality and quantity verification on arrival and departure
  • Management in pre and post routing
  • An optional Centrimex CargoZen insurance service tailored to your needs

Our customs declarants assist you in all your export and import procedures in order to prepare the file in accordance with customs requirements. They advise you in compliance with the regulations in force.

Competences and know-how are essential skills that we put at your service in order to finalize your project.