Centrimex obtained the status of Authorized Economic Operator (A.E.O.) in 2012, issued by the Customs Administration.

AEO’s purpose is to simplify customs clearance procedures and secure trade.

The advantages of AEO:
▸ A customer-oriented quality approach based on a quality recording system and audit and continuous improvement processes,
▸ Simplification of customs operations: reduction in the number of physical and documentary checks, priority treatment of consignments during checks, choice of place of control, easy access to customs simplifications, reduced data for summary declaration, prior notification in the event of control.
▸ Provisions related to safety and security through a strengthening of security systems around the goods entrusted by our customers and a strengthening of the level of vigilance of our teams.


IATA approval is issued to freight agents who act as intermediaries between shippers and airlines, under certain conditions.

This approval provides access to tools that simplify our mission.

In return, the IATA agent undertakes to comply with certain regulatory procedures, in particular with regard to packaging and labeling of packages.

A IATA agent appears on the official lists published by the international association and this approval authorizes him, for example, to join the CASS system of connection with the airlines, to collect commissions directly from the companies at no additional cost to the shipper.


WCA is the world’s largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders, with more than 7,376 member offices in 190 countries around the world, and Centrimex is proud to be a part of it.
The combined logistical power of WCA members exceeds that of the world’s largest multinational freight forwarders.

Lognet Global is not a WCA affiliate network. It is a semi-exclusive group of independent freight transport professionals, aiming to provide complete and competitive logistics solutions in all the main markets of the world – but with local expertise and personal approach that cannot be supplied only by small and medium-sized independent freight forwarders.

Tandem Global Logistics is a complete international network of independent logistics operators who have been working together for over 20 years, serving the global commercial market under a common image and strategy. Tandem has in-depth knowledge of the global air and sea freight supply chain and is constantly focused on meeting changing customer demands by expanding its global services into a powerful interactive network.

CGLI is a network where members work closely together and take care of each other’s business, creating a secure global environment that senders, recipients and merchants can rely on. In order to guarantee this high quality, each new member is checked before membership is granted. Their slogan “Simply strong together” illustrates the philosophy of this network of agents. Customers who work with CGLI members, such as Centrimex, can rely on private freight companies, where stable property protects customers from anonymous indifferent nonchalance that is gaining ground in this industry.


Centrimex is a member of the Federation of Transport and Logistics Companies of France. By its weight and its representativeness with regional, national, European and international administrations, TLF defends, in its entirety, the transport and logistics sector while constantly taking the pulse of each of the activities it represents.

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Initiated by the CCI Marseille Provence and Aix Marseille Provence Métropole, the Africalink network was created in 2017. This network is a community of entrepreneurs and economic actors oriented towards a “Europe-Africa” economic development strategy. By being a member of this incredible network, Centrimex takes part in the will to strengthen the links between Marseille and Africa.

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Union Maritime et Fluviale

The UMF is a major player in the economic activity of the Provençal coast and its hinterland, of which Centrimex has been a member since 1948.

The UMF is involved in all development projects and exercises its role as an expert on files relating to maritime and multimodal exchanges. Its capacity for action and its willingness to contribute are commensurate with its economic weight.

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Syndicat des Transitaires Marseille-Fos

Created in 1888, the Syndicat des Transitaires de Marseille-Fos and its region brings together 90% of Bouches du Rhône transit companies and the transport commission.

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