Every day,
the men and women of Centrimex
take pride in a responsible and ethical approach.


At the start of the 21st century, it has become essential to take into account our corporate, social and environmental impact in order to meet the challenges of our current society, by committing to a sustainable development approach.

The Centrimex group was built on a foundation of human valus, transparency and ethics which live in our daily project, within the hearts of our coworkers.
At Centrimex, we are convinced that efficency and responsibility are inseperable. We implement daily action plans, involving the participation of all our employees.


We consider responsible environmental management to be an integral part of our objectives of quality and level of service to our customers. Our involvement in mastering the environmental aspects of raw materials and waste management is the key to our approach to protecting the environment.

Waste management

The company’s activity generates waste production. This waste must be taken care of and recovered when possible. For this purpose, Centrimex set up and efficient waste management policy

A few examples of best practices :

▸ Implementation of a sorting of waste thanks to identified containers (paper, ink cartridges, bulbs, batteries …),
▸ Employee awareness to sorting training,
▸ Limitation of plastic cups for coffee machines with the introduction of a mug offered to each new entrant
▸ Recovery and reuse of pallets and packaging

Data and emails

Long considered “green” compared to other industries, digital technology is also responsible for global warming. Huge data centers support the management of every message, phone call, email, receipt or issue. This energy consumption is certainly invisible but contributes to the increase in the carbon footprint in a dazzling way.

Centrimex raises awareness and encourages its employees every day to :

▸ Not multiply the number of recipients to an email
▸ Delete old emails and empty the trash
▸ Limit the sending of attachments by favoring the internal cloud for document exchanges

Eco-behavior :

▸ Our truck drivers have been trained in Eco driving since 2020
▸ Our fleet has been renewed: out of 23 vehicles, 20 of them have the Crit’Air pollution sticker of level “2”, and 3 have a level “1”
▸ The use the ECOSIA search engine is encouraged. This search engine returns 80% of its profits to a global reforestation program.

Preservation of resources

At work, as at home, it is important not to abuse the resources allocated to us. Also, Centrimex is committed to constant awareness of its coworkers to :

▸ Print documents only if necessary,
▸ Use no longer needed prints as drafts,
▸ Favor black and white printing,
▸ Turn off the light in an empty room,
▸ Couper le chauffage/la climatisation lorsque l’on s’en va le soir,
▸ Turn off the heating / air conditioning when you leave at night.
▸ Shut down computer stations, printers, and other devices when they are no longer in use.


Fostering the diversity and well-being of our employees has always been at the heart of our social concerns. Ensuring a high level of skills while contributing to the professional development and well-being of our employees is one of the challenges that Centrimex meets on a daily basis by :

▸ Guaranteeing health and safety within the workplace,
▸ Respecting workers’ rights,
▸ Training staff when the need is formulated,
▸ Recruiting new employees on the basis of equal opportunities.

Our intercontinental presence is a reflection of our openness to the world, and of our adaptability to different cultures

The Centrimex group is also a signatory of the diversity charter. The approval of this charter is a commitment text to which Centrimex has affixed its signature in order to act in favor of diversity and thus go beyond the legal framework of the fight against discrimination.