A Centrimex team, dedicated and specializing in the wood and other raw materials activity (commodities) at your service ! 

Centrimex offers:

Adapted services

  • The expertise of of a dedicated unit in the wood and commodities sector
  • The benefit of the support of several partner shipping companies
  • Support for customs / Documentary specialities on departure and arrivals
  • A cross-trade solution between Africa and Asia
  • Complete documentation management in accordance with phytosanitary and environemental rules
  • Management of tariff requests and rapide response for all destinations
  • Management in pre and post routing

Our customs declarants assist you in all your export and import procedures in order to prepare the file in accordance with customs requirements. They advise you in compliance with the regulations in force.

Competence and know-how are essential skills that we put at your service in order to finalize your project.