Authorized customs broker

Our goal

To offer you peace of mind and save you time by taking care of all customs formalities in all French ports and airports, both import and export, whatever your types of goods.

Within each Centrimex site in France, specialist customs teams are available to answer all your requests, and operate a daily regulatory watch.

Authorized Economic Operator


Centrimex obtained the status of Authorized Economic Operator (A.E.O.) in 2012, issued by the Customs Administration.
A.E.O.’s purpose is to simplify customs clearance procedures and secure trade

The advantages of A.E.O.

▸ A customer-oriented quality approach based on a quality recording system and audit and continuous improvement processes,

▸ Simplification of customs operations:
reduction in the number of physical and documentary checks, priority treatment of consignments during checks, choice of place of control, easy access to customs simplifications, reduced data for summary declaration, prior notification in the event of control.,

▸ Provisions related to safety and security through a strengthening of security systems around the goods entrusted by our customers and a strengthening of the level of vigilance of our teams.

Centrimex owns customs approval number 3408.

This customs approval authorizes us to operate customs clearance for your account according to different modes of representation (direct or indirect representation), for all customs procedures (final or temporary) and using all the procedures made available by the Administration of customs (customs clearance at border points, in inland offices or directly in businesses through domiciled and customs warehouse procedures.