A team specialized in this sector accompanies you from start to finish in the follow-up of your expeditions. Our particular expertise, associated with a high-performance and rigorous customs team, as well as reliable and flexible transport partners, allows us to meet your needs with adapted and tailor-made logistics solution.

*For Paris and its surrounding : Delivery stand possible, with disbursement and return of packaging.

Adapted services

  • Packaging available depending on the nature of the goods
  • Possibility of exporting for temporary admission (defined date of departure and return of goods)
  • Information on the import regulations in force in each country
  • End-to-end management (from collection of your goods to delivery)
  • Respect of the impose deadlines (inaugurations, sporting meetings, fairs, etc)
  • Ability to manage import and re-export (depending on transport mode)
  • Study of the best transit time solutions
  • An optional Centrimex CargoZen insurance service tailored to your needs

Our customs declarants assist you in all your export and import procedures in order to prepare the file in accordance with customs requirements. They advise you in compliance with the regulations in force.

Competence and know-how are essential skills that we put at your service in order to finalize your project.