From our experience in shipping wheeled cargo and oversized cargo, we understand the challenge an the monitoring of such operations; and are able to offer you the logistic solutions adapted to your needs and challenges.

Adapted services

  • An increased documentary verification by our operations management teams (non-pledged certificates, admissible registration document, year of the vehicle depending on the destination, etc)
  • Support for individuals in their customs formalities (import/export)
  • Interventions on terminals on request or if a need is found (repairs, taking photos, etc)
  • Tailored customs advice, with support from certifications (E.O.R.I) to the declarative part Des conseils douaniers adaptĂ©s, avec accompagnement depuis les certifications (E.O.R.I) jusqu’Ă  la partie dĂ©clarative.
  • Solid experience in shipping oversized material.


▸ Gestion & suivi dédiés de vos opérations à l’import et à l’export

â–¸ Service door to door – livraison sur site

▸ Opérations cross trade

â–¸ RĂ©alisations d’opĂ©rations sur mesure pour le transport de colis lourds nĂ©cessitant des Ă©quipements spĂ©cialisĂ©s.

Our customs declarants assist you in all your export and import procedures in order to prepare the file in accordance with customs requirements. They advise you in compliance with the regulations in force.

Competences and know-how are essential skills that we put at your service in order to finalize your project.