An economical means of transport,
suitable for large volumes,
and amongst the most ecologicals.

Full container, consolidation, buyer’s consolidation, project and special operations, wheeled materials, etc. Maritime transport can adapt to your requirements aat a lower cost.

Several types of containers: Dry container, Reffer container, Flexitank container, Food tank container, Open top and flat container…
Discover them all here in details.

80 000 TEUs transported per year

Door to Door or port to port transport, our teams of experts guide you and find you the best solution at the best price

The Centrimex’s touch

▸ In-depth knowledge of country specifics (regulations, documents, obligations, etc.)

▸ Door to door transport solutions

▸ A global network of subsidiaries and partner agents

▸ A dedicated operational contact, who follows your file from start to delivery

Full Container Load (FCL)
or Less than a Container Load (LCL) ?

You don’t have the volumes ? We have your solution.

Group your goods with others and reduce your costs