An optimized management of your goods

Centrimex has 3 sites of warehouses in France allowing you to offer the best possible storage and optimized management of your goods.
With warehouses in Rouen, Marseille and 1 other in Paris*, we provide you with more than 22,000m² of floor space, to which are also added high storage on rack.

Located at the heart of international ports and airport supply chain, the warehouses of the Centrimex network are an effective and efficient complement to the transport services that we offer.



Le Havre

entreprise le havre

La touche Centrimex

Système de tracking (lecteur code barre)

Stockage en température dirigée (food + pharma)

▸ Sécurité de vos biens et marchandises grâce à des alarmes et un gardiennage 24h/24 ainsi qu’un Contrôle d’accès biométrique et une vidéosurveillance sur certains site

▸ Zones de préparation palette – zones DGR (produits dangereux) – zones température dirigée – zones sécurisée – zones sans douane.

▸ Des équipes formées et sensibilisées

Full Container Load (FCL)
or Less than a Container Load (LCL) ?

You don’t have the volumes ? We have your solution.

Group your goods with others and reduce your costs

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