The Group’s HR policy is based on three fundamental principles:
the integration of new employees, skills development through training and internal development.
The strength of the Group: its family values and the diversity of its teams!
The Chairman of the Group, Mr. Philippe Haddad, is also convinced that it is fundamental to retain employees,
by guaranteeing a good balance between private and professional life, proximity and listening.


We believe that it is essential to welcome and follow our new employees as soon as they join our teams.
This goes through several stages:
the delivery of a welcome pack on the first day, the establishment of an onboarding path, training in our tools and processes, etc.
HR and managerial monitoring is carried out at various times during the employee’s arrival, in order to guarantee a good start.


In a sector where international administrative and customs regulations are cnstantly evolving, we pay particular attention to the training of our staff.

Indeed, Centrimex is committed to a continuous training process in order to meet the requirements of its customers, to ensure a good quality of service but also to increase the performance and motivation of its teams!


Our wish is to develop our employees as soon as we have the possiblity.

For example, many of the Group’s managers (team leaders, or department managers) come from internal promotion and have climbed the different steps over time.