Cargo Zen, insuring your goods overseas.

Our goal: provide you with coverage for your shipments, peace of mind, and offer you a single point of contact in the event of a claim.

At your request, your goods can be covered from end to end, from ex works, to final delivery or returned unloaded at the port of destination.
Cargo Zen insurance is offered to you by our teams.

In a context of trade and import / export flows,
the goods transported are subject to fairly specific risks
(loss, theft, humidity, breakage, etc.), in addition to the risks inherent in transport operations, such as loading and unloading, handling and storage.

Freight insurance covers goods transported, whether by sea, air or any other means of transport.

A single point of contact

Time saver

Ad Valorem Insurance

In the event of a general average, all persons with goods on board must contribute to the expenses, in proportion to the values saved.

If the goods are insured, it is the insurer who makes a financial commitment to the shipowner so that the goods can be released.

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