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Centrimex News
June 2013

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Hello Mr/Mrs,

A capacity to adapt and respect for others have always been part of Centrimex's fundamental values, combined with a very human management style spanning several generations and a business culture open to the rest of the world. Today, Centrimex has chosen to draw even more heavily upon these values and now offers its clients adaptability: a combination of adaptation, flexibility and agility. Ever attentive to their needs, Centrimex is now preparing to anticipate these, by offering you the services today which we believe you will require from us tomorrow.
A willingness to listen to fully understand your needs, a willingness to act in order to fulfil them and a willingness to think and reflect in order to anticipate your future requirements... These are all part of a successful day's work at Centrimex.

—Philippe HADDAD, CEO of Centrimex

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Centrimex delivers to Togo's primary schools on behalf of Hachette Livre International

As a specialist in transport services to Africa since 1948, Centrimex was chosen by Hachette Livre International for a particularly important operation aimed at supplying schoolbooks to all of Togo's primary schools.

As a subsidiary of the Hachette Group / Lagardère Média (employing 3700 people – the largest French publisher and the second-largest international publisher) and the leading exporter of books in French, Hachette Livre International markets the works of approximately 130 publishers involved in the production of schoolbooks and other educational books, general literature and high quality illustrated books (Hachette, Larousse, Hatier, Albin Michel, Hazan, etc.). These products are marketed via exports alone and on a worldwide basis.

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First hand account

What's more, Hachette Livre International directly manages Edicef and Hatier International. With a strong presence, particularly in Africa, these publishing houses have been devoted for more than 70 years to producing specific schoolbooks meeting the needs of local readers. Edicef is also a key player in Cameroon, the Congo, Madagascar, Senegal, the Ivory Coast, Lebanon and around 20 other countries in which it operates.

A total of 817,000 books were received in the Centrimex warehouses dedicated to this operation. The Centrimex team assigned to this project subsequently organised the despatching and packing in batches of a dozen at a time of the books covered by this contract for each of the 4547 schools (a task which included boxing, double inspection and labelling). The 22,000 boxes were then sorted by regional educational authority to facilitate delivery across the whole of Togo.

In all, 14 containers loaded with 280 tonnes of books were shipped to the African capital. These will be processed by the teams of Centrimex / COLIMEX Lomé, assisted specially for the occasion by a staff member of Centrimex France, who will handle the supervision of the customs clearance operations, unloading, unpacking and individual delivery operations.

« Our teams have successfully deployed resources tailored to meet the needs of Hachette Livre International and its client, with a dedicated team in order to guarantee the scheduling and inspection of the products. Our operational departments were heavily involved in order to ensure that the 14 containers boarded the same ship and that the transhipment phases went well. Finally, our local team in Lomé provided an ideal addition to the quality system already in place » explained Centrimex's CEO Philippe Haddad.

Thierry Berlioz, Export Operations Manager at Hachette Livre International, explains why he is so pleased with his service provider : : « We've known Centrimex for a long while. This is a company well established in Africa, which possesses extensive know-how in the field of international logistics. They have already successfully handled operations of this type for us in the past: our client has reported that he is totally satisfied both with the quality of the service and the compliance with deadlines in addition to Centrimex's responsiveness during the customs clearance phase ».

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FAST-IMEX : a new range of services to save even more time

With FAST-IMEX, you can set off on time and arrive early ! 
The new FAST-IMEX service has been specially designed to meet your transit time requirements when this is vital to your shipments or deliveries

With a choice of the best logistical route and the best means of transport, partnerships with companies achieving the best results, the optimisation of transhipments not to mention easier customs clearance, FAST-IMEX  proposes the best transit times for your goods and naturally includes all of the ECO-IMEX range of services.

The FAST-IMEX Service
FAST-IMEX : a new range of services to save even more time
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2012 : a great year for Centrimex internationally

2012 : a great year for Centrimex internationally

Centrimex expands its POINTE NOIRE branch

Spurred on by Congo Brazzaville's economic development, for several months now the Centrimex / COLIMEX branch in POINTE NOIRE has been enjoying a sharp upturn in business. To keep pace with this growth and to be constantly able to offer ever greater satisfaction for its clients, Centrimex recently inaugurated its new premises, which are more spacious and more functional. « Thanks to this new site located in the very nerve centre of our clients' business zones, we will be continuing our expansion, particularly when it comes to managing supply flows for the construction and food industries, both areas in which our extensive know-how is highly appreciated. » explained Maud Njemane, business manager for the Centrimex / COLIMEX agency in POINTE NOIRE [...]

Our new contact details in the CONGO:

15, Avenue Kaat Matou - Appt 11

CENTRIMEX strengthens its presence in Italy

By successfully supporting its clients' logistical activities, Centrimex has succeeded in becoming one of the leaders for supply flows in Africa and the world's newly emerging economies. To meet the growing demand for supplies from Italy destined for Africa, Centrimex is proud to announce its arrival in GENOA. Centrimex's CEO Philippe HADDAD explained the background to this exciting new challenge : « Faced with the growing demand from our clients in Africa in particular, our arrival in GENOA is a strategic one. It will enable us to totally manage the FOB delivery aspects and port services when despatching freight. We can also offer new services such as  consolidation and custom containers for which we already have outstanding know-how » [...]

Our new contact details in ITALY :
Via Giosuè Carducci 5 interno 9 scala sinistra,
16121 Genova

Futher information
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Custom containers : a cost-effective and secure solution

Europe-wide procurement is a key benefit for many companies keen to offer the best value for money in their marketplace, thanks to products available from suppliers located all over the European Union. 

The challenge for the seasoned buyer is to avoid these bargains generating additional hassle or even financial losses when it comes to dealing with the logistical aspects, customs obligations and freight forwarding. 

The custom container service from CENTRIMEX has been specially designed to offers a solution to those needing to consolidate a variety of merchandise from a number of suppliers

Thanks to its strategically located sites in the main European ports (Le Havre, Antwerp, Rouen, Marseille and Genoa) and its consolidation centres, CENTRIMEX carries out the Europewide collection of the various shipments from different suppliers and group them together in a single, secure container specifically dedicated to the purchaser.

Offering cost effectiveness, synchronised supply flows, secure shipments and well-managed deadlines, the custom shipping container solution provides a host of benefits.

Our container services :

Personalised shipping container
Personalised refrigerated shipping container
Dry container
Refrigerated container
Flexitank container
Food tank container
Open top and flat container
Custom containers : a cost-effective and secure solution
Our services
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Centrimex, PERNOD-RICARD's partner in South Africa

Centrimex, PERNOD-RICARD's partner in South Africa

« When Centrimex's management took the decision to set up in South Africa, we knew that this would be a lucrative decision and that commercial success would follow » explained Nadège Lepoitevin, sales manager for South Africa. PERNOD-RICARD went on to choose CENTRIMEX to supply alcohol to all duty-free stores in the western Africa region from its hub in South Africa. This initial success should lead to others, and will enhance Centrimex's image of quality and proximity to its clients.

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The AEO status has arrived in Africa

Algeria is one of the first African countries to have adopted an international logistical chain security programme based on the AEO status (Authorised Economic Operator). It's been almost a year since the AEO status was introduced and the Algerian customs department recently delivered the first authorisations. The first certificates were issued to around 30 companies in February 2012.

For the moment, the Algerian AEO status is being granted as a priority to major importing companies (production and processing) whether public or private.

Without a shadow of a doubt, AEO status is set to become a key economic factor in years to come for all businesses and organisations involved in international trade with Africa. To anticipate this trend and to enhance its best practices in the fields of quality, safety and security, Centrimex has held a full AEO certificate in France since 2012.

The AEO status has arrived in Africa
Our certifications
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Association spotlight : The "GRAINE DE JOIE" association

Tribune libre associative : Association GRAINE DE JOIE

Graines de Joie is involved in Africa in Burkina Faso, in Brazil (in Rio) and in Romania. The association seeks to provide help and assistance for children in distress. Graines de Joie's activities involve projects which contribute to improving the quality of life for children on a daily basis and expanding access to education

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