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Air traffic growth in the first quarter of 2017 - 05/09/2017

Air traffic growth in the first quarter of 2017

Air traffic grew by 10.4% in the first quarter of 2017 compared to the same period in 2016. Unseen for more than seven years!

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), global air freight traffic increased by 10.4%. IATA said that "this result represents nearly three times the average growth of 3.9% observed over the last five years".

Moreover, this increase is greater than that of capacity, which positively influences the coefficient of filling and the unit revenues. This sharp increase has its roots in the overall improvement of world trade. Growth in world trade and industrial production has remained well above the rates of 2015-16. The order books for export are close to the record level of the last six years ...

European airlines are the main beneficiaries of this growth

European carriers with a market share of 23.5% are the main beneficiaries of this increase in traffic. They recorded traffic growth of more than 13.6%. Asia-Pacific airline companies with 37.4% market share, increase by 10.1%. North American companies with 20.7% market share also increase their traffic by 9.3%. Middle Eastern companiesare progressing at a slower pace of 7.6%.

Increase traffic Asia Asia

Air traffic growth in the first quarter of 2017From January to June 2017, traffic by African carriers increased by 25.9%. Even if the market share of these companies remains limited to 1.6%, this increase remains very important. It can be explained by the very strong growth coming from and to Asia. According to IATA, growth in the first five months is almost 60%.

Latin American companies posted a marginal increase of 0.3% with a market share of 0.6% of global traffic. Half-tone results can be explained by IATA by "low economic and political conditions, especially in its largest economy, Brazil".

These evolutions in logistics schemes must benefit Centrimex customers. Air transport provides many solutions to logistics needs around the world. Combining speed and reliability, air transport Centrimex is an excellent guarantor of transit time, it is also the safest transport in the world. (Source : IATA Press)


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Centrimex in Morocco - 10/07/2017

Centrimex in Morocco

With the Moroccan economy opening up after the country became a member of the GATT in 1987 and the WTO in 1994, the result was an increase in commercial trade with the rest of the world, which in turn led to a high demand for the transport infrastructure and services needed to support and boost this new dynamic. Significant changes to the structure of commercial trade in Morocco over the last twenty years or so have brought about a growing demand in terms of transport. France is currently Morocco’s second trading partner, with more than 760 subsidiaries of French companies based in Morocco. French exports to Morocco saw an increase of close to 20% during 2016.

Given this development and the increasingly prominent role played by Morocco in trade with the country’s African partners, Centrimex are delighted to announce the creation of new transport services for North Africa, and for Morocco in particular. Our operations in Morocco are part of a new commercial partnership with SUTRA.

With a reputation as a specialist when it comes to shipping to Africa, we are continuing our diversification process in order to provide you with new services connecting to these destinations. Our services are open to all our clients and to all forwarding agents looking to benefit from our expertise.

This new range is capable of meeting even the most demanding logistical requirements. Optimising costs, synchronising your supply flows, ensuring your shipments and ensuring your deadlines – our solutions offer a wealth of advantages. We select the best logistical route and the best modes of transport for you, working in partnership with the most efficient companies.

We are set to open the following lines setting off from and travelling to Morocco:

Groupage Maritime Hebdomadaire
A partir du 26 juin
Marseille et Rouen Casablanca  
Transport Maritime & Aérien Monde entier (Europe, Asie, Moyen Orient, USA) Maroc
Transport Maritime & Aérien Maroc Monde entier (Europe, Asie, Moyen Orient, USA)
Cotation Conteneur Complet Dry, Reefer, Personnalisé dry et Groupage divers Casablanca Côte Ouest Africaine, Mali & Burkina-Faso
Cotation Conteneur Complet Dry, Reefer, Personnalisé dry et Groupage divers Côte Ouest Africaine, Mali & Burkina-Faso Casablanca


Boosted by the economic growth experienced in North Africa, Centrimex would like to support you by offering you a service at the heart of your business. We can offer you all the guarantees necessary in terms of security and flow control, in addition to efficient transit times and costs. Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff are on hand to assess your needs and to provide you with the best possible, personalised solution:

Contact : Hind Chitty or Philippe Dehays
Tel : 04 42 15 11 79
Mail :


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Centrimex Newsletter June 2017 - 20/06/2016

Newsletter Centrimex June 2017

Maritime transport is changing, having experienced a “Big Bang” unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. In recent years, the sector has seen an unprecedented period of consolidation, with restrictions on commercial trading forcing shipping companies to make reductions to their fleets, while maritime freight tariffs have plummeted. With such high levels of competition and ever-decreasing freight costs, new alliances have been formed. Just as shipping companies are expanding, so too are their boats, the world of container-carriers has become the realm of the giants. In the space of barely seven years, average capacity has increased by 62%. Worldwide, the number of ships saw an 8% increase in 2015. Supply is rapidly expanding, demand is becoming increasingly unpredictable and the price of petrol continues to drop, as do shipping costs. Since 2009, the excess capacities within the sector have fluctuated between 15 and 30%, depending on whose estimation you use. Looking longer term, what impact will the spread of mega-vessels have on the ports on regular lines as well as on the geopolitics of maritime transport?

We work in close collaboration with various shipping companies, chosen following a rigorous selection process and based on privileged agreements in order to mitigate the impact of price and timeframe restrictions currently being imposed on the market. With your needs in mind, we always strive to provide you with the best possible logistical solutions. You remain our number one priority and we commit to devising a service that is entirely in step with your expectations.


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