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Containers traffic increased slightly in Le Havre - 07/09/2015

Container traffic increased slightly in Le Havre

HAROPA (port of Le Havre, Rouen and Paris) has just released its figures for the first six months of 2015. The container traffic is thus slightly higher with 13 MT, an increase of 0.5%. According to Hervé Martel, Chief Executive of seaport Le Havre, "The good news is the increase in traffic to the hinterland and the good performance of exports generated by the fall in the euro."

Liquid bulk is when to him on the increase due to the crude oil. At the port of Le Havre, the increase in liquid bulk traffic for the same period is thus 14.5% with over 20.6 MT (10% with 25.1 MT for HAROPA). The decline of oil and refineries are running at full explain these very positive indicators.

This is also our opportunity to acknowledge the success of our agency haven recently moved to new premises in order to have a more functional space and above all scalable to meet the demand of our customers in Europe and Africa who wish to use the facilities HAROPA axis Seine.

Agence Du Havre
3 rue Louis Eudier BP 1052
76062 Le Havre Cedex
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The Franco-African Forum at Bercy - 16/07/2015

The Franco-African Forum at Bercy

French President François Hollande confirmed that Africa is a strategic priority during the latest Franco-African forum.  The nation hosted fifty ministers and more than 500 French and African company directors in Bercy on the 6th of February for an African forum focused on joint development.

Organized by the Ministries of the Economy and Foreign Affairs, and with collaboration from the Medef employer federation, this international event was the opportunity to announce or confirm a range of measures designed to boost cooperation and economic ties between France and Africa.  A number of distinguished guests were present, including President Hollande and Presidents Macky Sall (Senegal), Ali Bongo (Gabon) and Alassane Ouattara (Ivory Coast).

We’ll take the opportunity to highlight some of the key announcements of the summit, such as the creation of an export bank for major international contracts, the launch of new training programmes for African managers and young talent, and the development of a number of public-private partnerships (PPP) to finance infrastructure, energy and digital technology, among others.

Centrimex hopes that all of our clients in Africa and Europe will be able to take advantage of these political commitments and see their transcontinental activities prosper.

Centrimex souhaite à tous ses clients en Afrique et en Europe de tirer profit de ces engagements politiques pour faire prospérer leurs activités transcontinentales.


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The good working practices for loading a maritime container - 07/07/2015

The good working practices for loading a maritime container

There is a code of good working practices for loading a container, and it is published by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).  This United Nations agency is mostly responsible for general maritime regulation, and in particular maritime safety (the IMO publishes the IMDG code).

They have a committee specialized in maritime safety (the Maritime Safety Committee), and this committee is in charge of safety on board ships and in port installations.  To confront the ever-growing number of incidents in this field, they have just released an update to this code of good working practices.  Centrimex is always looking for ways to give our clients the benefit of the latest technical and regulatory innovations, so our experts jumped at the chance to apply these recommendations using the skills and experience of our European and Asian loading centres

The IMO has gone beyond recommendations for packaging and securing cargo, and are aiming to raise awareness among shipping professionals of their loading responsibilities, in particular concerning weight limits.  These recommendations are great news, even if the Centrimex handling teams frequently go well beyond these measures when loading their containers.  This key expertise is one of Centrimex’s biggest assets in terms of securing container-bound merchandise.  Whether completing multi-client grouping operations or filling personalized mono-client and multi-supplier containers, each Centrimex operator is aware of their responsibilities when loading, checking and securing their cargo.


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