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Essential guides for hauliers and logisticians - 05/04/2019

Essential guides for hauliers and logisticians

This week we offer useful guides for your activities! Effective documents that will allow you to take stock on topics as varied as transport regulations, technological developments, environment, social, incoterms, origin marking, etc.

Centrimex also offers two guides to facilitate the transportation of your goods for import and export.

Last subject discussed, the Brexit ... While the prospect of a hard Brexit is likely, the companies understand that customs fomailities will resume at the borders.

2018 Essential


Indication of origin markings

2018 EssentialA useful guide for transport and logistics professionals, published by the TLF union! This booklet is designed for entrepreneurs and company managers keen to better understand the operation of the logistics chain, its activities and its inherent challenges, to help maximize the competitiveness of their business services in the export market. The benefit of this guide is that it is built around practical information sheets organised into different subjects: documentary management, insurance, incoterms, TICPE, social issues, sustainable development, customs, training and marketing, etc. A handy guide for small and medium-sized businesses, which includes a wealth of advice.


Indication of origin markingsThe DGE has also published a very interesting guide for producers and distributors of mass consumer products who produce, subcontract or purchase all of these goods in France. Wording highlighting the origins of products are increasingly featured on the products themselves or their packaging.It's also difficult to ignore the public debate surrounding the "Made in France" wording!But what exactly does this wording mean, and what is the economic reality behind it? As a manufacturer, are you entitled to feature such wording on your products? Should you opt for quality labelling?These are all questions which this guide seeks to answer.

Download the guide


Download the guide


Centrimex guide and model document for export


Brexit guide

Centrimex guide and model document for exportAs part of its AEO quality procedures and with a view to constantly providing better support to customers, Centrimex has decided to offer both individuals and businesses a guide on exporting private cars and personal belongings. The guide, which is valid for international removal services and shipment of private vehicles and personal belongings outside the European Union, covers all the requirements of the regulations currently in force and provides valuable advice. You will also be able to download the Standard Shipment Declaration for Complete Container (FCL) and Groupage (LCL) shipping models.


Brexit guideIf no agreement is ratified by the UK Parliament, the UK will exit without EU approval on April 12, 2019, unless a credible alternative plan is submitted by the UK government. It is strongly recommended that you prepare for an exit without agreement, and all its consequences ... The Ministry of Economy and Finance has published a recent guide to prepare for Brexit. This report provides some handy pointers to help you anticipate the coming changes and a checklist of actions to be carried out.

Download the guides


Download the guide



New opportunities for international trade, the latest free trade agreements - 18/03/2019

New opportunities for international trade, the latest free trade agreements

The proliferation of bilateral and regional free trade agreements creates new opportunities for businesses. These agreements are intended to reduce tariff barriers between states in order to promote trade. They can also concern services, public procurement or intellectual property. They are a key factor of competitiveness and must be an essential part of the company's strategy.

A growth driver for companies

Free trade agreements are based on known but complex mechanisms. Tariff advantages are granted only under certain conditions related to the origin of the product, its transportation and billing. Preferential agreements are underutilized by companies. But in a difficult economic context, they can offer companies a significant competitive advantage.

List of updated free trade agreements

French Customs provides companies with a list of trade agreements entitling them to reductions or cancellations of customs duties. This list has just been updated very recently.

The economic agreements are grouped into zones: Pan-Euro-Mediterranean Zone, Eastern Partnership, Americas Zone, Africa-Caribbean and Pacific Zone (ACP), Asia Zone and the unilateral preferential schemes granted by the European Union.

The latest trade agreements concluded

CETA, a free trade agreement with Canada, came into effect in late 2017. On February 1, 2019, Japan joined the list of major industrial countries that now have a bilateral agreement with the EU. The European Commission is also negotiating with Vietnam and Singapore.

One of the latest developments also concerns exchanges between European countries and certain ACP States (African, Caribbean and Pacific countries). A notice has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union on the possibilities of cumulation of origin offered under the Economic Partnership Agreements between the European Union and the Cariforum States, the Pacific States and Eastern and Southern African States.

The Centrimex teams are in complete control of the latest developments in customs and tax matters. Our job is not only to transport, our goal is also to become or remain your reference of advice in order to design the optimal solutions for your Supply Chain. Centrimex, a registered customs representative, has held the AEO Full certificate since June 2012 for all its activities in order to provide you with ever more secure and efficient services.


View the latest free trade agreements



Centrimex contributes to a humanitarian mission dedicated to education with the association Graines de joie in Burkina Faso - 20/02/2019

Centrimex contributes to a humanitarian mission dedicated to education with the association Graine de joie in Burkina Faso

At the end of 2018, the Graines de Joie Association organized a humanitarian mission to support the schooling of children in the villages of Guigmtenga and Mougnissin in Burkina Faso.

The Kit operation consists in raising funds for the pupils of the primary school, the middle school and the secondary school of Guigmtenga, the necessary educational material.

Graines de Joie is a humanitarian association which works to provide help and assistance to children in distress and was first founded in 1998 by Danielle Ratinaud-Meyer. Today, Graines de Joie is active in Burkina Faso, Brazil and Romania, where they work on projects which help improve the quality of life for children and make it easier for them to get an education. To achieve this, they work in collaboration with local organisations.

This year, Centrimex renewed its support for the association in financing school supplies for the students of Guigmtenga and Mougnissin. The 2018-2019 Kit Kitable operation helped partially fund the return of 1,297 students from the village of Guigmtenga and Mougnissin.



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