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Join us ! Only we go faster, together we go further.


Our employees are our strength and create real wealth for our customers. This is why we are looking for people who share the same values and have the same goals of evolution as us.

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2 offers

Commercial Sedentary - Africa Zone W/M - Vitrolles

Commercial inside Africa Zone at Vitrolles - Head office (France)

Location : based in Vitrolles, FRANCE

Commercial sedentary, pricing and quotations- Exp. min. 5 years in transit


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Export transit agent W/M - Vitrolles

Groupage Transit Agent, Maritime Export at Vitrolles - Head office (France)

Location: based in Vitrolles, FRANCE
Group management from A to Z. Exp. min. 2 years on export files


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CENTRIMEX - 33 boulevard de l'Europe - 13744 Vitrolles FRANCE - Tél. +(0033) 4 42 15 98 20 - Fax 04 42 15 98 21 - email :