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PROSUMA are optimizing their flows with Centrimex



The Prosuma Group was created in 1966, with the opening of their first 750m² supermarket. Since then, the company has grown in leaps and bounds. They now run almost 150 distribution warehouses in the Ivory Coast. They have become the top distributor in Francophone Africa, and employ almost 3,000 people.

With an innovative and very high performance logistics organization and significant proportion of food and drink products, Prosuma is supplied mostly by the CASINO group purchasing organization.

PROSUMA are optimizing their flows with Centrimex

Nathalie Fakhry is the transit director in the Prosuma logistics department.  She is tasked with managing all of their purchasing flows, from suppliers and supply centres right up to delivery to warehouses and shops :
«With Centrimex, we have a highly responsive local contact who is aware of our needs and the continued improvement strategy for our logistics flows.  Thanks to their approachable scale and business-minded approach, Centrimex offer us fast access to the decisions we need to make, when we need to make them».

Patrick Laugier is the director for the Centrimex Agency in Vitrolles, who is tasked with consolidating orders with the CASINO group purchasing organization :
«We dispatch more than 1,500 containers per year for Prosuma, including a significant number which require a controlled temperature.  We are in charge of optimizing these container deliveries by managing the relationships with the suppliers in Europe and in Asia.  For example, we have just implemented a dedicated ICT system to track CASINO orders».

«Thanks to our base in Abidjan, we can share a global vision of our organization and all of our flows around the world with Nathalie Fakhry.  With just one dedicated contact for both sides, we have found an effective way of meeting the constantly changing requirements of the Prosuma Group», says Lisa Bachelier, director of the COLIMEX Ivory agency.

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