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Novalin, a success story in linen export



NOVALIN, a company based in Millam, not far from Dunkirk, have a double role as both expert manufacturer and trader for linen and natural fibres such as hemp and silk used in the textile and industrial markets. Thanks to their level of expertise and their reputation as a high-quality player in these markets, NOVALIN's products can be found in our wardrobes, our cars and even US dollar bills.

Christine Vanhersecke is the Operational Director for NOVALIN France, and is specifically responsible for export shipments, mainly to China, India and the USA.

Christine Vanhersecke made the decision to enter into a partnership with CENTRIMEX two years ago, with the aim being to support the company’s development and the significant rise in the volume of containers for the export market.

She explains:

We needed a service provider who was capable of supporting our development in the export market, who fully understood our way of working and in whom we could place our trust. We are an SME and we prefer working with human-scale partners with whom we know we will be more than just a number. With CENTRIMEX we have found a team who are there when we need them, made up of genuine professionals who aren’t afraid of rolling their sleeves up to get the job done for us.

For Eric Liautard, CENTRIMEX’s Sales Director:

The NOVALIN project is a key strategic challenge for us, given that it will enable us to develop our skills and our expertise in the export market between our French and European ports and Asia or America. Our operational teams in Le Havre and Antwerp, as well as Damian Beelkens, the man in charge of commercial relations with NOVALIN, have had to work twice as hard and twice as thoroughly in order to confront the crisis (a scarcity of ships and prices spiralling out of control) experienced in early 2017 for the Asian market.

Christine Vanhersecke salue la réactivité et le professionnalisme des équipes CENTRIMEX qui ont parfaitement répondu à ce défi imposé par les nouvelles alliances maritimes :

The teams coped very well, working in total transparency, and we were able to reassure our clients that our logistics chain was fully reliable.

Novalin, a success story in linen export


Following the integration of the North American sector into the NOVALIN / CENTRIMEX partnership, we remain hopeful of more shared success for our two companies, who prove day in, day out that there is still a place in the world for French quality.

More information:

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