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MERCURE International food logistics, a mark of trust for Centrimex


MERCURE International a Monaco-based company specialising in the distribution and development of a wide range of commercial brands on the international market and particularly in Africa.

Mercure International

Founded in 1986, the group is established in 16 countries on 3 continents; it employs 5,000 people spread across 250 sales outlets and shopping centres. The 3 main divisions are food, which accounts for over half of its earnings, sports articles and fashion.

Mrs Anne-Marie PITER is the Logistics Manager for MERCURE International’s food division and is responsible for shipping 2,500 TEU a year, mainly to Africa : «We have two shipment zones in Europe, the Atlantic zone, which includes Le Havre, Rouen and Antwerp, and the Mediterranean zone with Marseille/Fos and Valencia».

MERCURE International

The long-term partnership between MERCURE International and CENTRIMEX was established many years ago and the two entities have evolved together, maintaining the strengths in their relationship. «CENTRIMEX was initially a small family firm; it’s now up there with the big boys but it has held on to its strengths, which are proximity and reactivity and has not developed the faults that are too often seen in large transport groups, where relations are impersonal and decision-making cycles interminable, sometimes involving 5 or 6 different people», said Mme PITER.

Patrick LAUGIER and Philippe DEHAYS, responsible for the CENTRIMEX agencies in Vitrolles and Rouen respectively, are in the front line when it comes to constantly meeting MERCURE International’s new food logistics requirements: «We know that Mrs Anne-Marie PITER and her teams expect us to show real reactivity and an ability to overcome the ups and downs of sea transport in real time and with complete openness, and to have a proactive information system that sends them the right information at the right time. But above and beyond these required qualities, we both appreciate our partnership based on continuing improvement, in which every incident or suggestion is dealt with in real time with a view to improving the quality of the service we give».

Anne-Marie PITER confirms that «we appreciate the adaptation to our needs and the regular improvement shown by the CENTRIMEX teams; for example, we recently optimised the document-sending process even further».

MERCURE International also highlights the good relations that Head Office and the CENTRIMEX teams keep up with the shipping companies: «It’s a considerable strength when it comes to the security and performance of our international logistics».

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