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Kallos Global's road to the market involves Centrimex


Kallos Global's road to the market involves Centrimex

KALLOS GLOBAL is a company which has been specialised in the distribution and exportation of dry and perishable products for more than 75 years. Benefiting from long-standing experience and recognised expertise, it mainly exports its merchandise to Africa. The company guarantees a continuous year-round supply of fruit (apples, pears, prunes, lemons, grapefruit), vegetables (carrots, onions, garlic, potatoes, leaf vegetables, etc.), wines and spirits, fruit juices and concentrates. It also exports its know how to other regions: Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, the Middle East, the near East, the Far East, Canada and the Indian Ocean islands.

Located in Cape Town (South Africa), KALLOS GLOBAL also has a branch at Cavaillon in France. Etienne Kallos founded the business in 1943, creating an international group which today has almost 28 staff. Brendan Langeveldt, who is today the Manager of KALLOS GLOBAL, chose CENTRIMEX to handle part of its fruit export operations to destinations in West and East Africa. As the freshness of the products is a vital factor, KALLOS GLOBAL prioritises short distribution circuits. CENTRIMEX handles the shipment of merchandise under optimal food safety conditions using refrigerated maritime containers.

La route du marché de Kallos Global passe par Centrimex

Brendan Langeveldt
, Directeur de KALLOS GLOBAL, discusses the reasons for choosing CENTRIMEX and the long-standing nature of the partnership with us:

"Our work with CENTRIMEX results from a long-term partnership, built-up thanks to CENTRIMEX'S extensive presence in Africa and particularly French-speaking Africa. In addition to this presence, we also appreciate the fact that they have an excellent understanding both of our specific needs and of the challenges faced on a daily basis when trading with countries in Africa and the resulting logistics".

He also mentioned his satisfaction with the ability of the CENTRIMEX teams to keep pace with the KALLOS group's high rate of growth (20% per annum on average). B. Langeveldt also stressed the excellent relationships with the CENTRIMEX staff in South Africa and the high quality of the service supplied both for dried products and perishable foodstuffs, for which a high degree of responsiveness and constant monitoring is necessary:

"CENTRIMEX has representatives in several of our destination ports who can help solve any possible problems with our shipments. This isn't the case with many of their competitors claiming to have experience in Africa".

Keen to constantly improve services, CENTRIMEX'S Management put two very direct questions to him concerning his perception of the quality of our services. The first concerned suggestions to improve the overall quality of the services we provide:

"We feel that it would be great if we could improve performance times a little more for business enquiries needing to be processed by the teams at CENTRIMEX France".

And finally, in answer to the question "Would you recommend our company to a friend?", Brendan Langeveldt replied

"Yes, without hesitation!"

Kallos Global's road to the market involves Centrimex
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