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HOLTEX and Centrimex’s African operations


HOLTEX and Centrimex’s African operations

HOLTEX is an expert in the manufacturing and sale of medical equipment intended for health professionals and private individuals. Founded in 1984 and directed for the last twenty years by Alexandre Rozaire, the company offers over 25 complementary lines and exclusive distribution on the French market. HOLTEX manufactures mainly surgical instruments, diagnostic devices, medical furniture, measuring and security instruments and professional clothing. Based in its large 600m2 offices in Aix en Provence, the company also possesses a storage space of 2500m2, with over 6500 parts kept permanently in stock.

HOLTEX and Centrimex’s African operations

The products are all sold through a network of 2200 distributors in mainland France and its overseas territories and departments.  The company alsohas an international presence through its 150 retailers in Europe, the Middle East, and primarily in Africa.HOLTEX therefore enjoys a leading position in the market for small medical equipment, especially in French-speaking Africa. With a staff of about 30 in France, HOLTEX has a unit dedicated exclusively to export in order to provide logistics and meet the needs of its network of distributors. As its operations are seeing strong growth, HOLTEX has chosen to entrust to CENTRIMEXpart of its export operations.

Mr Fabien Bénistant,Sales and Export Director, notes the sustainable relationship built on trust which his company has had with CENTRIMEX for more than ten years: "CENTRIMEX is a reliable partner. We regularly use their services in air transport, maritime grouped load transport and whole container transport, primarily for destinations in French-speaking Africa."HOLTEX makes most of its sales revenue in Africa - between 25% and 30% - and so it was natural for us to rely on the expertise of CENTRIMEX. Fabien Bénistant gives three reasons for this choice of partnership: "CENTRIMEX is a crucial partner in Africa - its expertise and know-how in the field are indispensable advantages for our company. They also have several destination agencies, which is extremely useful for our clients. And finally, we get very good value for money. "

Aside from the excellent relationship between the two companies, Fabien Bénistant also emphasises that "we wish to work with a partner where the human element is a shared asset, and this is what we have found in CENTRIMEX - a provider which listens to our needs and is always available and highly responsive. "



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