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Hachette Livre International and Centrimex supply primary schools in Togo


A subsidiary of Hachette / Lagardere Media - 3700 people - the leading French publisher and second largest publisher worldwide - the first exporter of French books, Hachette Livre  International markets, exclusively for export and the world, about 130 publishing houses are involved in school extracurricular activities, general literature, art books (Hachette, Larousse, Hatier, Albin Michel, Hazan, ...).

In addition, Hachette Livre International directly manages Edicef and Hatier International.  Very active, particularly in Africa, these publishers have dedicated themselves for over 50 years to the creation of specific textbooks that meet the expectations of local government. Edicef is thus a major player in Cameroon, Congo, Madagascar, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Lebanon, and in twenty other countries where it operates.

A specialist in transportation to Africa since 1948, Centrimex has been selected by Hachette Livre International for a particularly important operation to supply textbooks to all primary schools in Togo.

878,000 books have therefore been placed on pallets in Centrimex warehouses dedicated to this operation. Then a  Centrimex team, dedicated to the project, ensured the dispatching and packing of a dozen titles objects to place on the market for each of the 4547 schools (cardboard packing, dual control, labeling).  And 22,000 boxes were then sorted by institution to facilitate delivery operations throughout Togo.

A total of 14 containers loaded with 280 tonnes of books, have joined the African capital: they are supported by Centrimex teams in Lomé, assisted on this occasion by a representative from Centrimex France who will monitor the operations for customs clearance, unloading and delivery of packages.

Thierry Berlioz, Head of Export Operations at Hachette Livre International, justifies the confidence they have in their service provider, "We have known Centrimex for a long time: it is a company that is well established in Africa and they have a real know-how in the field of international logistics for Africa. We had already carried out successful operations of this type with them in the past. "

"Our teams have been able to implement methods appropriate to the expectations of Hachette Livre International, and their client with a dedicated team to ensure scheduling and checking of products. Operational services were mobilised to ensure the shipment of 14 containers on the same ship and smooth transshipment. Finally, our local team in Lomé came to perfectly complement the quality system in place", explains Philippe Haddad, the Chairman of Centrimex.

Thierry Berlioz summarises the results of the operation: "Our client, the Ministry of Togo, has expressed their full satisfaction, not only for the quality of service and timeliness, but also the reactivity of Centrimex during the clearance. The success of the operation reinforces our credibility with the World Bank, the donor for the project. "

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