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Authorized Economic Operator : Approval issued by the customs administration, after audit, for companies that request it. The certification allows, in a context of tighter security measures, benefit from simplified procedures for authorized business partners.

Air transport
: standard cargo pallet: 317 x 223 x 160 cm standard pallet deck: 317 x 243 x 241 cm

All logistics and technical means to obtain an optimal flow of information and products between supplier, distributor and consumer. Logistics includes both inventory management, the preparation of orders and organizing deliveries.

Authorized Agent Company
that have been authorized by the state in order to secure a shipment by air.

(Air Way Bill ) An Air Way Bill embodying the contract of carriage between the airline (or authorised agent) and the sender.

Bunker Adjustment Factor Surcharge applied by the owner according to changes in the price of fuel.

Bankers cheque
It is obtained by the buyer from the bank and has the particularity to be charged to the account of the bank and not on that of the buyer. It is a guarantee of payment to the payee.

Bill of exchange
written document notifying the debtor in order to set the deadline or part of a claim on a given date.

The action of reserving space on the boat of the aircraft.

The Currency Adjustment Factor - The surcharge applied by the owner according fluctuations in currency rates.

due Freight payable at destination, the owner delivers the goods against payment of freight by the consignee.

person or company who hires a ship or aircraft for an operation or a set time.

Invoice Declaration of the transaction between the seller and the buyer, the seller and issued by describing: the goods, cost, term of sale ...

Letter of Credit for payment by a bank on behalf of the beneficiary, usually the seller of merchandise, against delivery of documents specified in the credit.

Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
economic policy pursued by the European Community in the field of agriculture and trade in agricultural products. This policy is based on five principles: the unity of agricultural prices, freedom of movement, the Community preference and financial solidarity and shared responsibility.

non-containerized freight due to its size or volume

Custom Grouping
Several vendors gather to fill the cargo container to a single destination.

Customs agent authorized
Service Provider authorized customs charge of customs formalities for transit, import and export on its behalf or on behalf of operators with clearance offices (direct or indirect representation).

Customs Duties
Customs duties and taxes are payable in cash and must be paid before removal of goods. Facilities are planned to accelerate the removal (removal credit). Payment by obligatory bond is also permitted.

Damage occurs to a ship / truck / plane to the cargo.

Fees payable when the time of loading or unloading beyond the scheduled time whether voluntary or involuntary (eg port congestion).

Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Documents against
Payment Instructions given by the sender's bank that the documents are related to due processes, and these documents must be given to the drawee only on condition that he pays trafficking.

Dry container
A closed metal box with a roof, side walls and rigid end with doors at one end and designed for the transport of goods of all kinds.

Document also called "movement certificate" attesting to the origin of the goods, under certain preferential agreements. The EUR2 is for items of low value.

Federal Customs Administration.

(Full container load)full container.

International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations Assimilated was premiered in Vienna on 31 May 1926. FIATA is a non-governmental representation representing 40 000 enterprises, employing 8-10000000 people in 150 countries. FIATA has an advisory from organizations such as ECOSOC, UNCTAD, UNICE. FIATA is the industry representative organization of transport from organizations such as the International Chamber of Commerce, the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the International Union of Rail Transport (UIC), the Union International Road Transport Union (IRU), the World Customs Organization (WCO)...

Flat container
: A container with a platform with or without folding parts at each end.

Freight air express
, documents and small parcels to be sent emergency

Freight forwarderor
freight transport organizer, he proceeds in his name, the transportation of goods entrusted by the shipper himself by choosing different carriers needed. He has an obligation of result and a duty of care for the client. The profession is regulated by the DREAL (Regional Directorate of Environment, Planning and Housing).

Freight Ratesfreight
rates of transportation by sea or air.

Service Provider who is responsible on behalf of its clients, all operations relating to their goods transportation, transhipment, handling, storage, trade and miscellaneous administrative formality.

Freight Shipping
of freight by ship, plane, truck or rail.

Full Container
Shipping to a freight forwarder which includes merchandise from a single source to a single recipient

Gross Weight Weight
of the goods and their packaging.

Groupage Container
Shipping for which the forwarder combines several individual shipments to form a container in order to benefit from preferential rates. Goods are unbundled on arrival and delivered to the recipient.

Handling Agent
or Handler Provides handling or packaging of the goods upon the aircraft.

House Air Waybill LTA home. A HAWB is issued by an exporter or importer. This unique document lists the details of the sender and the recipient, the number of packages, gross weight, volume and / or dimensions. HAWB different constituent grouping are listed on a cargo manifest.

International Air Transport Association, International Air Transport Association.

International Civil Aviation Organisation

Name for shipping dangerous goods.Find out more

English abbreviation of "International Commercial Terms", meaning "International Commercial Terms" and translated into French as "CIV" or "International Conditions of Sale." Incoterms are the result of a consolidation of the terms of a commercial transaction set up by the International Chamber of Commerce. Each mode is coded by three letters and is inseparable from the place of delivery to which it applies. The purpose of Incoterms is to provide a set of international rules for the interpretation of trade terms most commonly used in trade.

Customs control (or inspection) of the merchandise. Compliance of the goods.

Broker responsible to connect a buyer and a seller. It brings the parties and assists in the negotiation and conclusion of the contract.

Invoice Proforma
Invoice provided by the supplier prior to the shipment of merchandise, informing the buyer of the nature and quantities shipped, as well as their commercial value and other details (weight, dimensions, etc..)

International Ship and Port Facility Security Code. Overload for investment in port security.

Lading (Bill of lading - B / L)
a document embodying the contract of carriage which connects the loader and the shipping company. It is a title to the goods and endorsement of ownership Delivery of the goods at the intended port occurs only upon presentation and surrender of original bill of lading by the consignee.Containers

(Less than container load) Container grouping (multiple senders, multiple receivers).

Maritime transport
: Euro pallet: 120 x 80 cm In TC 40 ': 25 pallets in a TC 20': 11 pallets

(Master Air Way Bill). All HAWB are grouped on a MAWB which contains all the packages, gross weight and volume.

Represents all freight transport requires at least one stop on a platform for a sort operation, bundling or unbundling. The means of transportation is faster, but more expensive than ordinary transport.

Multimodal Transport
Combining multiple modes of transportation to get from one point to another.

Net Weight
Weight of the goods only.

consolidator or Operating Common Carrier Non Vessel. Term for a company buying a sealift capability then it offers to its customers under its own responsibility (he established the bill of lading to his name).

Open-Top Container
Containers whose roof is replaced by a tarp for easy vertical loading/unloading.

Owner of the cargo of a ship or part of the cargo. It may be the exporter or importer.

person who operates a vessel.

Packing List
Document (in principle) established by the exporter, which describes in detail the characteristics of parcels (number, gross and net weight, dimensions, brands, content ...)

Small wooden platform on which cargo is stacked for storage or transportation.

Port congestion
Congestion in a port.

PU (Paid Unit)
When calculating the cost of a freight unit of taxation which means either the ton or cubic metre for the benefit of the ship / aircraft.

Estimate shipping rate for sea, air or road.

Refrigerated Container
a thermal container (insulated walls) fitted with refrigeration and heating for the transport of goods at a positive or negative temperature.

Road transport
: Euro pallet 120 x 80 cm In a trailer: 33 pallets

This includes "rolling stock ", light duty vehicles and trucks.

(Roll on - Roll off) Technical ramp loading and unloading of vessels dedicated to transporting vehicles.

Ship Manifest
Description of the goods comprising the cargo of a ship.

See warehouse

  The storage in a warehouse of a large number of goods

Stuffing / stripping
: loading / unloading of goods inside a container.

T.I.R Carnet
A detachable carnet used for international road transportation. 

Tank container
tank surrounded by a frame with the dimensions of a container.

Tariff surcharges
Fees charged by transport providers in addition to the negotiated rate based on a specific context (eg increase in oil prices).

(Twenty Feet Equivalent)Unit which are expressed in container traffic and the capacity of container ships.

The French Federation for logistics and transport companies

Transit Customs
Regime which, under certain conditions, to transport goods suspended from all duties, taxes and measures of prohibition, within the customs territory of the Community or in a conventional setting, between it and customs territories of partner countries. Community Transit currently applies to all modes of transport by land, air, rail, sea, inland waterway and pipeline.

Transfer from a ship or conveyance to another to continue the transport.

(United Load Device)load units adapted in shape and dimensions to the air, and that facilitate the consolidation of goods.

Various groupage or forwarding
Several vendors gather to fill the container of goods to multiple recipients.

Ventilated container
General purpose container, the surface of the natural ventilation was increased by ventilation openings.

Warehouse subject to customs
Space that allows storage of goods awaiting customs clearance.

Warsaw Convention Text
used as a basis for the regulation of air transport, signed in 1929, that entered into force in 1932 and has been ratified by over 150 states.

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