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March 2014

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prochain article
Philippe HADDAD, CEO of Centrimex



The countries of the South, as we habitually call those of the Old Continent, no longer need to show their dynamism or answer to a system that has, for many years, ignored and snubbed them. Accompanying the growth of south-South flows, and particularly those that aim to supply the African continent, is a major challenge for an organisation such as Centrimex.
It’s also a genetic evolution for the company, which has to adapt to new conditions in terms of geographical location and management of flows, market players, languages and cultures. It’s this type of challenge that makes a company and the men and women who work in it even stronger.

—Philippe HADDAD

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MERCURE International food logistics, a mark of trust for Centrimex

MERCURE International is a Monaco-based company specialising in the distribution and development of a wide range of commercial brands on the international market and particularly in Africa.

Founded in 1986, the group is established in 16 countries on 3 continents; it employs 5,000 people spread across 250 sales outlets and shopping centres. The 3 main divisions are food, which accounts for over half of its earnings, sports articles and fashion.

MERCURE International food logistics, a mark of trust for Centrimex

Mrs Anne-Marie PITER is the Logistics Manager for MERCURE International’s food division and is responsible for shipping 2,500 TEU a year, mainly to Africa : « We have two shipment zones in Europe, the Atlantic zone, which includes Le Havre, Rouen and Antwerp, and the Mediterranean zone with Marseille/Fos and Valencia ».

The long-term partnership between MERCURE International and Centrimex was established many years ago and the two entities have evolved together, maintaining the strengths in their relationship. « Centrimex was initially a small family firm; it’s now up there with the big boys but it has held on to its strengths, which are proximity and reactivity and has not developed the faults that are too often seen in large transport groups, where relations are impersonal and decision-making cycles interminable, sometimes involving 5 or 6 different people », said Mme PITER.

Patrick LAUGIER and Philippe DEHAYS, responsible for the Centrimex agencies in Vitrolles and Rouen respectively, are in the front line when it comes to constantly meeting MERCURE International’s new food logistics requirements : « We know that Mrs Anne-Marie PITER and her teams expect us to show real reactivity and an ability to overcome the ups and downs of sea transport in real time and with complete openness, and to have a proactive information system that sends them the right information at the right time. But above and beyond these required qualities, we both appreciate our partnership based on continuing improvement, in which every incident or suggestion is dealt with in real time with a view to improving the quality of the service we give ».

MERCURE International food logistics, a mark of trust for Centrimex

Anne-Marie PITER confirms that « we appreciate the adaptation to our needs and the regular improvement shown by the Centrimex teams; for example, we recently optimised the document-sending process even further ».

MERCURE International also highlights the good relations that Head Office and the Centrimex teams keep up with the shipping companies : « It’s a considerable strength when it comes to the security and performance of our international logistics ».

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Let’s take a look at air freight security

Since the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001, air freight has been particularly exposed to security risks linked to international terrorism (Booby-trapped printers in October 2010, attempted air attack in the United States in May 2012, cocaine traffic at Roissy on 11/09/2013, etc.).

Let’s take a look at air freight security

Air freight security is a key component of the security system. It’s based on the reliability of everyone involved in the export process: the exporting shipper, the airline, the handling agent, the pre-carriage road transporter and the international transport organiser.

We talk about upstream freight security when it takes place on the exporter’s premises and downstream security when it takes place at the airport, on the premises of the transport organiser or the handling agent representing the airline. Security often involves the use of an X-Ray machine, but also, depending on the type of goods, a brigade of dog handlers, air sampling or a decompression chamber.

Known Shipper (KS) status is issued to an exporter who has chosen to secure his infrastructures and submit a combined security programme to the authorities. This status allows him to opt for upstream freight security, i.e. on his premises.
Account Consignor (AC) status is granted to an exporter who has secured at least his site and allows him to secure upstream only those goods that are due to be transported on an all-cargo flight.
When issued to a transport organiser or freight forwarding agent, Accredited Air Agent status means that the freight security chain remains unbroken between the Known Shipper or Account Consignor and the handling warehouse.
ACC3 status is the latest of the air security diplomas; it concerns pairings between airlines and extra-community airports and allows the holder to relax the inspection / screening measures on arrival in European Union airports.

Centrimex has Accredited Air Agent status issued by the DGAC (French Civil Aviation Authority).

Centrimex’ air freight experts, under the supervision of Jacques Boulonnois, are available to help Centrimex clients gain a clearer understanding of the issues and challenges of air freight security.

A draft white paper on the subject is currently being written and will soon be available on internet www.centrimex.com/en, « white papers » page.

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Centrimex accompanies the development of South <-> South flows

Centrimex accompanies the development of South <-> South flows

Centrimex reinforces its presence in Shanghai

Centrimex reinforces its presence in Shanghai

This year, Centrimex Shanghai is set to celebrate its eighth birthday and is now a major strategic pillar for supplying African clients in China and for managing flows to and from Asia.

With a team of 15 young and dynamic employees, Centrimex Shanghai offers its clients a full range of guarantees in terms of flow security and management, transit time and highly competitive costs [...]

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Centrimex enlarges its agency in Ouagadougou

Centrimex enlarges its agency in Ouagadougou

« Burkina Faso is enjoying sustained economic growth – around 8% in 2012 and 2013 – and it was therefore understandable that Centrimex should accompany this development and support its clients by improving its facilities in terms of both quantity and quality » said Corinne HUYNH, head of the Centrimex & Colimex agency in Ouagadougou [...]

Our new contact details in Burkina Faso :
395 Avenue Loudun - 2ème étage BICIA-B - Zone Commerciale
10 BP 318 OUAGADOUGOU - burkinafaso@colimexafrique.com

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Centrimex sponsors the CIELO association’s toys and games library projects in Africa

Centrimex sponsors the CIELO association’s toys and games library projects in Africa

C.I.E.LO is a French international solidarity association founded in 1995 that helps to improve the precarious living conditions of children and families in developing countries, mainly through education and in collaboration with different types of local partners.

Centrimex has chosen to sponsor a number of projects to set up toys and games libraries in Africa, which aim to support education outside school.

All the humanitarian projects supported by Centrimex

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